Pixious - Free Premium Blogger Template

This is PIXIOUS. A very professional looking blogger template. It has many many premium features. You won't believe what I am giving you guys for free hehe. Please take a look in every detail, It's a really special template and I am proud of myself because I am seeing that I am getting better every new template I make, the main reason for that is the great feedback you guys give me. Please keep visiting, download, commenting and asking for anything you need!

Take a look at its Features:
  • 2 column
  • Clear post section, so your users will not get bored when you read big texts.
  • Well designed graphics
  • Custom comments block
  • "Read More" function installed and ready to be used!
  • A GREAT 3 column and widget ready footer for even more stuff!
  • Cool looking custom widget for twitter updates (Please ask me if you need help using it.)
  • Search and Subscribe widget to improve your users' experience
  • "Share this post" widget installed (Using addthis button) in the post footer, that will get you thousands of clicks comming from social media
  • And much more! Check it out!


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Love the template.

What is the script for the awesome twitter updates? That is really nice.

-- andy


This is professional work my friend, really cool template and the three gadgets in the footer looking really awesome

Dante Araújo

@Andy, I have posted a little tutorial on how to use the twitter widget on the Live Demo ok? Check it out!

@Mohammed, Thanks a lot partner!



El jerry

Grande Araujo! Caratulas sempre bom, você deverá liberar a capa desta blog, saludos desde México

Dante Araújo

Guys, Post comments in ENGLISH or PORTUGUESE only please :]


Very nice theme, just I need a little help...how can I access the administration of my blog. The top panel is missing.

Thanks in advance!


Ok, I found it. Thanks :)

Dante Araújo

I hide the Blogger bar in all my templates. It just doesn't look good.



Annette Van

hi there! you are very creative. thank you for putting time and effort into making these wonderful templates for us to use.

Dante Araújo

Hi Annette!
Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!


Hello, sorry, my english is not very good..

My dude is this:


Congratulations, excellent template!!

Dante Araújo

Sorry Esteban, I did not get what you are asking me. Please try to type it in spanish or portuguese so I can try to uderstand.



Queria consultar si ésa sección de la cual saqué captura está bien ya que me parece estar un poco desprolija, sin ofender.

A pesar de todo es una excelente plantilla, mis felicitaciones!!

Dante Araújo

Hi Esteban,

That section is ok, but I didn't add any css for those buttons yet, maybe in a future upgrade of this template. You can do whatever you want with it :] be creative!



Pradeep CD

Hey Dante, cool templates...

This is the only website where i can get free pro blogger template...

U r great..keep up the good work...

thanks for sharing...

Sam C. Mac

Love this template but I can't get any of the Search gadgets to work. I want to be able to search my own blog, and that doesn't seem to be working.


Dante Araújo

Hey Sam,

I have posted a quick guide on usng search widget in the Pixious Live Demo. Please check it out.



Sam C. Mac

Awesome, that worked. One more question: When going backwards and forwards in the archive, those links aren't in English. Is there a way to fix that?

Dante Araújo

Hey Sam,

Just go to your template code, Click "expand widget templates" now use CTRL+F to search for "Postagens Recentes" and replace it to "Recent Posts". Now find "Postagens Antigas" and replace it to "Older Posts" or whatever you would like.




Hi Dante!

Let me congratulate you on your work. Pixious is one of the best templates I've seen for sure! I do have some issues with it though.

1. Some Blogger texts are displayed in Spanish instead of English (which is the language I've chosen for my blog). For example: "Newer posts" show up like "Postagens Recentes" even though most of the rest of the Blogger texts are in English. Is there a way I can change this?

2. Is there a way I can change the "Read more!" text or remove the button completely? Right now it shows up on all my posts even though I haven't used span class=fullpost.

Big thanks for the terrific template! Keep up the good work!

- Dan

Dante Araújo

Hi Dan,

For the first question please read the comment right above yours, I am explaining the same exactly solution.

For the second, You can use the same procedure, just click expand widget templates and the find "Read More" text, replace it, remove it as you would like. The "span class='fullpost" system shows the button up on every post, even those you didnt aply the code.

Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it a lot!




Beautiful templates! i love it...thank's dantearaujo...may i add your templates to my weblog gallery?


Hey dude!
That's something awesome you've done there. I really appreciate it :)
I have a little question... I've been modifying things here and there - nothing major.
I've got two questions:
1) As stated in the post above, I removed the Read More! button. I don't understand what it does. Anyway, is there a way to remove the small gray box it leave?
2) I want to change the size of the font inside the widget i have on the sidebar. Its the 'About me' widget and the font is a bit too big. I wasn't able to figure out where it was to be changed.
If it helps, visit my blog:

Again, thanks a ton for the awesome skin :D


Dante Araújo

@Haidir, Thanks a lot! Feel free to add them to your gallery! Make sure you keep the credits ok?

@Mod, To remove the little box add the following lines to your code:

.leiamais {display:none;}

To change the font size on the sidebar widgets please add the following lines:

#sidebar .widget {font-size:14px;}




Thanks a lot dude :D
I've got a few things I want to ask you... I'll send it in through the contact form later :)
Again, great work and thanks ^_^



What can I say, others told everything, is an awesome work and I just put my hat off in front of your work.

Ihave some question how can activate the other two columns in the footer (comments and posts)

Tanks for your attention to this message.


Estou utilizando em outro blogue esse template, e vi a abertura de um botao ou widget (um pequeno .swf) do clearspring. Do que se trata?

Dante Araújo

@elcodigodebarras to use the another 2 footer columns just go to your page elements and simply add 2 more widgets to the footer.

@Catatau, não entendi sua pergunta, me mande o link para eu ver melhor.

Hadrien Brassens

Hi Dan.
Thanks a lot for this beautiful template.
I have started using it in a new blog of mine:

Now I have one question concerning the span class="fullpost" function.

If I want to hide images or an embedded youtube video using the above tag, only the text disappears but the objects still show on the first page. Is there anyway to have the span class="fullpost" hide embedded objects as well?

Thanks a lot for the template otherwise, it's just great! Keep up the good work!


thanks for the theme, i am using it on my blog http://www.bahadirhan.com

Brandon Taylor

Thanks for the template, I love the design.

I am also confused about the 'Read More' button. I assume that it is supposed to be so if you are only showing the first paragraph then you can open up the post. But can the button be turned off if the full post is already displayed?

Dante Araújo

@Hadrien Brassens

Hey, Everything you want to be hidden should go INSIDE the "span class='fullpost' and "/span" tags... Make sure you are doing it right. If you think this is not the cause for your problem, come back here and we can try to solve it :]

@Brandon Taylor

Unfortunately the "Read More" button is shown in every post... The system i used in this template is the simpliest and cleanest one.

Isaias Arredondo


I just wanna say...

Thank you!!!

This is mi new skin on my blog!

Sorry for my english!

Dante Araújo

You're very welcome =)

Hadrien Brassens

@Dante Araújo
Thanks for your feedback. Sorry I hadn't checked earlier for a reply from you.
I actually found where the error was coming from.
If you are using < div > tags (that blogger sometimes inserts without notice), some paragraphs can be shown on the main page although they should be hidden.
However, I have managed to overcome this issue by removing most of the < div > tags and only using them when really needed.
Hope this helps some other people who might have experienced the same issue...

Dante Araújo

Thanks a lot for sharing your resolution for this problems with our community of users.




Hi there,
First thing - u n ur templates r AWESOME !!!!!!
i mean - i've seen many others but they all slack up on the free ones - but the amount of work, detail, indentation, comments etc etc you used in ur template's code - is totally superb !
but there's just 1 thing lacking in this one,
i'm still a noob at coding - still i was playing around with it n i found a tiny skip -
No blockquotes
It's no big deal but still - it's just - kind of like - template is short of a millimeter of being perfect.
That apart - just luv ur work
n excuse my spellings - chatting ruined me :D

Dante Araújo

Thanks :)


Hey ! it's me again x)
can you help me , how do i make the new/old/home links below a post to look like as down here !
i mean spaced apart and in same order as here ??
Also - i created a blockquote class - but i've to call the class every time by div tag while writing a post - how do i make it work with blogger's default blockquote tag ??

Dante Araújo

Set the following atributes for the following classes:

#blog-pager-newer-link {

#blog-pager-older-link {

#blog-pager {

And about the blockquote... just use "blockquote" to call blogger default blockquote... Like this:

blockquote {
border: 1px solid #000000;

Got it?


Dante Araujo


Wow - u make it seem like a walk in park !!
thanks a ton ,everything's working like a charm !!
have a nice day :D


Dante, reparei uma coisa interessante no demo do Pixious, a descrição por extenso da data está aparecendo apenas nos 3 primeiros post da lista de posts é isso mesmo?


Marcelo Caetano

Dante Araújo

Olá Marcelo!

Obrigado pelas sugestões, com certeza pensarei seriamente em fazer uma nova versão do pixious, mas acredito que eu não o chame de Pixious 2.0, e sim outro nome, um template novo com varias outras qualidades!

A única coisa que acho que não é possível, é implementar o gravatar no Blogger, não de uma forma que eu ache "bonita" o bastante para instalar nos meus templates.

Sobre a data por extenso, o Blogger só mostra a data uma vez "por dia", entao se voce fizer mais de um post por dia, só aparecerá a data no primeiro deles.

Tom Acres

Hey Dante, really briliant template you've made!

Everything is working perfectly apart from the 'Read More' links. I am pretty sure I am using the /span code correctly but the whole post is still being shown.

Any help is appreciated!

Dante Araújo

Hmm, Show me how you are using it please, I just checked on the live demo and it's working completely fine :)


Dante Araujo


I enjoy this template and all of your template a lot! Thanks for building such a great site!

Tony Scarcia

Hello, very nice blog, thank you. I have a questions: How do I change the words Postagens Antigas and Postagens Recentes at the bottom of the pages, thank you.

Dante Araújo

Just download the newest version of this template from here, I think that's already fixed!


Hey, Mod again. Your template's been working great :D

I just thought I'd contact you since I encountered some errors with the comments form... I'm not sure if it is because of the template - When people try to comment anonymously, they are redirected to a form where they need to fill in the CAPTCHA. Thing is, when this happens, the box has no scroll and the field for entering the result is below the main area shown... When new users turn up, they don't know what to do (you can access the field by pressing tab). As I said, I don't know if this is a problem with blogger or a skin error. Tell me if you have any idea on how I can fix it.
Thanks in advance,


I used this template for my TLD, but mind you tell me how to erase the 3 footer element please?

Bob Othman

Dante Araujo,

Splendid template, i'm using it for my music collection...just perfect, and classy too.

Have worked out most of the "issues" thanks to your updates, but still could not figure out the Twitter Updates yet.. just could not find the "Twitter Widgets Section". Will keep on trying, though.

Thanks again and cheers...



I can't add Adsense, how can i fix that?. Thanks!


search function is not working when I changed template


Hi Dante

I like this template. How can I change the color of the header and footer from red to blue?

Charles Lyons

Hi, love the template. How do you rid yourself of the "Read More" tag when you're on the main page of the blog, and the "Share this Post" tag when you're on the specific post?


HI DANTE. first wanna tell what amazing work ! it`s awesome, love your work and this pixious template is beautiful but i just have one qs.

Pr. Aldenir Araújo

Thanks for the template, I love the design.
O pregador

bambang priyoko

Thanks Dante..I use this template for my blog and modifiy header color into blue.

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