Fix For the Photoplus Fullsize Problem

Hello Guys,

Sorry for being so absent lately, college is running me crazy. I see that you are having a problem with the Photoplus template. This is happening because the website that used to host the css file for the fullsize plugin is down. The solution is really easy and should work fine.

Unfortunatelly I don't have time to write here the whole solution process. But I will give you a light, and those that are more code savvy please post in the comments below how you've done.

You need to download the FullSize plugin from here.

Unzip the file, you'll get a folder with some Javascript files, a CSS Files and a lot of images.

Now you can host them in your own hosts and use the direct link in your templates.

Hint: You'll need to replace the following lines in your template code:

<link href='' media='screen' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'/>

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

I am so sorry that I can't help you step by step. I hope you get the job done.

Best Regards,

Dante Araujo

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[NEW] What is happening to Photobucket

Hello Guys,

I know you're having this awful photobucket problem. The thing is that my bandwidth exceeded and I don't have any money on my paypal account right now. The thing is that I will have the money by tuesday, so if you could wait that would be nice.

For those who would like to help solving this problem, you can send me donations right now on my paypal email: or by clicking the button on this link

I appreciatte it, since I pay every month to keep the imagens in your templates safe.

Best Regards

Dante Araujo
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Fix for Bloggertube Slider!


Hello guys, I hope you understand my lack of time to dedicate for the blog, but I do what I can and try to reply to all emails I get from you (unfortunatelly are too many and I can't handle to reply to all of you).

The biggest problem that you have been reporting to me right now is that Bloggertube's slider is not working anymore, but now I bring you way to fix it.

This afternoon I got a message on twitter from @crzyOrc telling me that he had managed to fix bloggertube by himself, which was a great thing because I didn't really have time to look at it yet.

So pretty much what you have to do is replace the javascript files that used to be hosted at Google Code (unfortunatelly the links are not working anymore) for your own link, you can use any hosting service wanted.

Download the scripts from here:

easySlider1.7.js and galleryvideo1.js

Host them in your hosting services, it could be free ones (please google them) or private ones.

Then just replace the following links:


For your new hosted files.

I hope you guys are fine now.

Please if someone has trouble on doing this, please report on the comments, I am sure you will find a helpfull visitor of this blog to help you, please guys, be gentle and help each other!

Best Regards,

Dante Araujo

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The New Blogger Template Designer Tool


I came here to proudly annouce that Blogger is still advancing and surprising us with new awesome features, the folks at never stop working on improving our beloved blogging tool.

Between the great new features here's some of the things you are going to be able to do:
  • 15 new professional templates to start from (and more on their way)
  • Custom blog layouts with one, two and three columns
  • Hundreds of professional background images from iStockphoto
  • Customizable colors, fonts, and more!
  • Fast Loading

Please check the official post made bt my friend Siobhan Quinn over at Blogger Buzz and if you want more info, check the full features of the new Blogger Template Designer over at Blogger in Draft

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Problems With Offline Files (Solved)


Guys, I am having problems with my dropbox account. All my files there are showing a 404 error message and the direct links are not working. I already sent them a message in the forum, let's see if I get any reply.

Untill there you may experience serious problem using my templates, specially my javascript files are hosted there, so none of them are working.

If you have your own server to host the files, I have made a pack of all JavaScripts used on my templates, you can download it from here. Please comment if I forgot to include any of them.

Note: For Bloggertube users here are the new URL for the JavaScript files:


If you don't know how to replace it by yourself, just download the new updated version of the template with the scripts already installed correctly, here.

Everything is working fine now. It seems like I was flagged automatically for serving out too much static content. Please help me in this, Host the JS at your own servers, otherwise I will keep being flagged again and again!

Sorry for the situation, I hope you understand that this is not my fault.

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Blogger Templates Cheat Sheet - #1 Wrappers


This is the first time ever I make a visual cheat sheet, It was a little difficult for me, but I think it came out kind of good. I tried to put as much as details as I could. As Blogger templates have a lot of terms to go trough, I decided to make “Chapters” of it, and release them one by one, so you guys don’t have to wait a lot for the full one.

Check out the full article on Bloggertuts

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