Photoplus Light - Free Ultimate Blogger Template

Due to the success of Photoplus, I got many comments on it, and a lot of people were asking me to make a lighter version of it, so here's it! I tried to use a different style of design, keeping it clean and minimalistic, but not less professional.

This template is for photography only, so if you need to show texts or anything else, It will not work.

I also would like to thank CSS Reflex for this great tutorial.

How to post on Photoplus Light

Your posts on photoplus should be only an image tag. This means that the title will not be shown on the main page, it has only SEO purposes. Same thing with Labels, It will serve you only to organize the main menu.

Here's the post model:
<img alt="A description of the image goes here." longdesc="LINK_TO_THE_FULLSIZE_IMAGE" src="LINK_TO_THE_THUMBNAIL" />

Note: The thumbnail size should be 187x128 pixels.

I recommend you guys to save it as post model, it will make your life easier.

  • Photography
  • jQuery Special Feature
  • Web 2.0
  • Easy to customize
  • 3 Column Footer
  • Minimalistic
  • White


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Adonias Junior

O mesmo background do "Scrappy", mas mesmo assim ficou awesome!


so clean

Camila Cagliolo

thanks so much!
your work is amazing :-)


I'm an artist, can I use jpeg images of my art that have a title as part of the image instead of photos?

Dante Araújo

Yes you can!


olá Dante,
desculpe o comentário fora do sítio..
precisava de ajuda.
misteriosamente os meus widgets de "seguidores" e de "comentários recentes" aparecem em branco...nada nadinha, o conteúdo dos widgets teima em não aparecer.
conhece alguma solução para isto?

uso o blogger e o meu blog é

um abraço e muito obrigado

Dante Araújo

Me parece que o problema está resolvido? Um abraço!


olá Dante!

não, infelizmente não está. eu só tirei o widget porque não fazia sentido ali tê-lo vazio.
agora voltei a colocá-lo para poderes ver.

se tiveres ideia sobre o que pode estar acontecendo diz qualquer coisa.

um abraço e obrigado

Julião Signorini

Olá Dante! Sou Brasileiro e fã do seu trabalho!

Dante, por favor, estou testando aquele template criado por ti (showcase), e ontem começou a dar problema para exibir as a pagina inicial com as imagem (thumbs)... não sei o q mudou no blogger, mas o template na está funcionando perfeitamente! naum fiz nenhuma alteração do css original!

gostaria da sua ajuda! agradeço desde já! e parabéns pelo trabalho!!!

Julio Signorini
meu blog é


can i post this template on my website i will give full credit on thank you for making it.

Dante Araújo

@Julião Signorini, Visite o post do Showcase, eu já postei como concertar este problema ha algum tempo, talvez te ajude!

Dante Araújo

@gasosa, Infelizmente eu nunca vi nada parecido, eu te recomendo tentar contactar o pessoal do @blogger através do twitter, eles costumam me ouvir por lá!

Um abraço.


boas Dante!
obrigado pela dica...vou tentar.
pelo que descobri é um problema documentado e a google tem o caso detectado...

vamos ver o que dá..


Hola Dante, gracias por tu excelente diseño !!! Quería preguntarte, si será posible hacer que muestre el "thumbnail" como indicas, pero que me dirija a un video, en lugar de otra foto fija. O si sabés cómo se puede hacer.
Desde ya muchas gracias,

Dante Araújo

Hi Roque,

I am already working on a video template, expect great news :)


Thanks, and realy congratulations for your job. I'm wating for your "video-template".


me hya gustado mucho este tema y he puesto un post en mi blog de fotografia, plantila que tambien es tuya


great work dante... great template.... but i have a little problem...

i've uploaded the templates... worksm but i dont have the option to click o a photo and the photo to maximize in the same page... i dont know what to do...

it works in the demo page... but on my blog doesnt =/

waiting your answer...

best regards


hey... great work dante... i like this template... and i`m using for my blog, but i dont have the option like in the demo ... to click on a photo and the photo to maximize... i dont know what to do... please help me...

best regards..

Dante Araújo

Did you read carefully the post above, it explain exactly "How to Post" images on this template.


Dante Araujo


Hi! I was using your old version. What's new with this one? Thanks for your FREE template!

Dante Araújo

It's the same features, only changing the look! I've made it for those that wanted lighter colors!


how do i put pics from my computer


Muchisimas graciaS POR la Plantilla es Perfecta y Preciosa, no hay palabras para agradecertelo, un saludo cariñoso

Dante Araújo

@SHEIK FIRAZ, Read the post carefully, please.

@Ipsa, De nada :)


olá Dante.
o problema era um conflito com um .js.
este aqui:

abraço e obrigado,

Dante Araújo

Olá Antonio,
Ainda bem que tudo ocorreu bem, e finalmente se resolveu!
Obrigado por contar com minha ajuda,
Um abraço


agora só tenho de encontrar outro peel effect que não dê conflito ;)

abraço Dante!

Aditya Irfansyah

Hey Dante nice template.... The best photoblog template I've ever seen :D

But I got the problem when posting a pic that has height more than the screen....

I was using the Light one... Found it after I editing some code, so I try to reupload the theme, change to the black one. And the problem still there....

Look at the upper left photo here .....


Dante Araújo

@Aditya Irfansyah, Read the post instructions above and it will work like a clock :)

Aditya Irfansyah

Damn, I found the problem.... I mistype the link in "longdesc" one.... Haha...

Thanks a lot...

Tøger Torkel

Hi there... Great template!

I just have one question:
how can I remove the shadoweffect from the large pictures?


Tøger Torkel

newer mind, I managed to figure it out: shadow=false

Dante Araújo

Ok good!

Anirban Saha

its only 7 thumbnails showing in the blog..

please suggest me ways to show the 15 pics..

Dante Araújo

Go to your Dashboard > Settings and set the amount of posts per page to 15.

Anirban Saha


Sai @ BloggerStop

Brilliant !

Ravi Warrier

Hey buddy, how are things in Natal mate? Just was checking by to see if you got any new templates.

Take care buddy.


Dante Araújo

Pretty good man, what about you ?

Wagner Augusto

como eu coloco o menu horizontal, eu não to conseguindo!

Dante Araújo

O menu horizontal é gerado automaticamente a partir das suas categorias!

Sofia CB

Olá,sou um pouco burra com estas coisas e gostaria de saber como colocar as fotos neste Template, assim como está no modelo… q quando se clica aparece a pagina com mais fotos e descrição
E também gostaria de saber como colocar aquelas setas nas pequenas fotos, para quando clicar nelas, elas abrirem em formato maior…


Hi Dante,

Well, i moved from the darker version of this template to this one. And though you did place a design credit to yourself at the bottom of the template, i thought i ought to give you credit myself - in the information box - as well.

Once again, Thank you very much. You and the person who designed the 'photografia' template have certainly produced, from what i've seen, the best blogger photography template on the net.

This certainly increases the standard for free photography templates that is just about as good as most of the paid ones out there - except for foliostop. You're certainly one of the pioneers here. Your effort certainly pushes other designers to do even better. But the credit still goes to you for starting the ball rolling.

Apologies for this long essay here, but i thought people should know how your efforts impact on template design on the net.

Oh, btw, if there's anything i can do for you. Just let me know. I'll be following your work here, and will link your site at as well. And to everyone who thinks my site looks great now, just remember, even though my artwork may be nice, a picture can't do without a frame that brings it out. That credit goes to Dante.

take care bro,


Dante Araújo

I just got speechless, Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.

Mr Kriptonite

hi.. anyone knows where to add "post model" stated above so that everytime a post is made.. all i have to do is just add the image link?


Dante Araújo

That can be done by heading to Settings > Formatting > Post Template.

Mr Kriptonite

yey.... thank you so much.

Dante Araújo

You're welcome


Hola Dante, te escribo para preguntarte sobre el porque la plantilla no funciona bien en Internet Explorer. Tengo una página con tu plantilla y se ve muy bien en Firefox y en Google Chrome, pero no funciona bien en Internet Explorer, pues no hace el efecto de hacer grande la fotografía. Quiero preguntarte tan bien,¿cómo puedo hacer para que además de que se vea grande la fotografía, al darle click en otra área de la imagen me mande al post para que la gente pueda dejar sus comentarios?


Hola Dante, te escribo para preguntarte sobre el porque la plantilla no funciona bien en Internet Explorer. Tengo una página con tu plantilla y se ve muy bien en Firefox y en Google Chrome, pero no funciona bien en Internet Explorer, pues no hace el efecto de hacer grande la fotografía. Quiero preguntarte tan bien,¿cómo puedo hacer para que además de que se vea grande la fotografía, al darle click en otra área de la imagen me mande al post para que la gente pueda dejar sus comentarios?


is there a way to use this on my own website?
not just on blogger
i know basic html, css & javascript
but no knowledge in js frameworks & xml
so i dont know where to start, since its an xml file

any help would be appreciated

Dante Araújo

I just have tested my live demo on IE and it's working fine :), and unfortunatelly this is a template only for blogger platform. You can try to convert it to general websites, but unfortunatelly I won't be able to help you with that, I am very sorry, I hope you understan my lack of time.

Best Regards

Safra maler

HI dante!

thank you for this!!!
but my big photo is not in the center, its in the side...How can i fix it?

thank you


a challenge is what makes me want to work :)
i will try to make this into general website
pls do answer 1 question, what does the "blogger platform" do to your xml? at least with that i might know where to start



hay alguna posibilidad de agregar texto?
por favor


Dante Araújo

Sorry, not on this one :/


Is there any way at all that you can post a thumbnail and when you click on it, it's a video! It would be very helpful, thanks.

Dante Araújo

Try downloading the BloggerTube video.


Yes, I have seen that one already but it only works with youtube. I saw you comment on there though, that you were making it work with other video players.

Ricardo Leandro

Olá Dante!!

Antes demais muito obrigado por disponibilizares a tua web arte gratuita online!!
Através deste template estou a conseguir um design fantástico no meu blog, e tudo graças a este template!! Como trabalho mais em vídeo, ainda está difícil de encontrar os códigos certos para puxar dos thumbnails, players do Vimeo...mas vou continuar a tentar.

Terei todo o gosto em mostrar-te o resultado final!!
Acho que vais curtir!!
Claro que os créditos não serão esquecidos!

Um abraçoe mais uma vez muito obrigado!!

Ricardo Leandro (PT)




Hello, I am new to this, so I hope my questions aren't frustrating. :)

I would like to use the template to showcase family photos - like a photo album. Is there a way to organize the photos into groups (maybe by year or month and year)?

Also, does each photo have to be uploaded in a separate post, or can I put several photos in one post.

One more question... what size should the photos be?

Thanks so much!


thanks Dante for the great work!

I'm facing with a little problem right here..I can't manage the pics as you did. I've tried but the result is still the same..

how did you write the post model? one after one? please show me, thanks!


hi Dante,

continuing my previous comment, maybe it's easier for you to look at it yourself (so you'll understand what i mean before)

here's the link..

hope you can show me..thanks!

Dante Araújo

You got it right, but use the right thumbnail size as said on the post above.


I'm trying...I'll tell you back later..


Sergio Cortés P.

Hi Dante!
The template es a great job! congratulations ;)
I have a question: how can photos appear in a random view?
It maybe be easy but i'dont know how :S
pd1: sorry for my english


After using this sleek template for a while, i think significant improvements could be made by including the ability to have sub-categories and integrating 'lightbox'. That, in my opinion, would just about make it absolutely perfect. But i still think it is great at present.

It would be good to have a white border for the photos as that would enable the pictures to stand out and information to be included there as well. Also, when someone has a photo which is quite dark, the black 'drop-shadow' effect takes away some focus from the picture.

The above are just some thoughts, but i will still certainly give this template a thumbs-up and in some sense still prefer it to the 'photografia' template because there might be too much scrolling with that template even though it uses lightbox. So this template is still great and striking, and enables the viewer to focus on the photos without any distractions.

Trisha Ann May
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kazam Media

If anyone knows how to add text to the images Id be interested to know.
Im using this as a test portfolio here:

Great work my friend.

Kazam Media

I found out how to add text to the images, which appears in a Title Bar at the top of the big image.
Simply add the following to the code (title="YOUR TEXT HERE") and you will have a neat title bar at the top.


thanks so much!
your work is amazing :-)


kazam media, i saw your blog. but i don't know where to type the (title="YOUR TEXT HERE"). could u plz help me? when enlarge the picture, how come u have the 'close' icon on top? plz teach me how to do it... thanks..


É possível colocar uma borda preta nas imagens?(full size images). Onde devo colocar o código (border: 3px solid #FFFFFF)

Is it possible to put a border in full size post? Where can i put the code?


pakdhe Dante...
pakarmulyo nderek template ne... sae
nuwun sanget!

Benazio R.P

is it possible for the picture to be clicked? so the pic can be commented gituu..

any idea?

Benazio R.P

is it possible for the image to be clicked? so the image can be commented ..

any idea? :)

thanks anyway :D


Hey Dante !!!

I'm not getting to see the picture in flash mode. What to do? I'm not following what to do with the code.

Does this work with the first black version you did?

Manuel Ribeiro

ola Dante, pode me indicar como mudo as cores do background? Obrigado e excelente trabalho, recomenda-se!

ARDE Project

Hola Dabte,

Magnífico template. Lo estoy usando para mostrar mis trabajos pero al ampliar la fotografía no aparece centrado ni con sombra como aparecen en el Live Demo...¿cómo puedo solucionarlo?

Muchas gracias!

Jackie Ayres

I'm having this problem where only one image shows per post. Why is that? I've been trying to figure this one out all day.
Obrigada. =)


hi, this templates is great...!!! this is the best and very simple template.
could you tell me how to remove underline on visited link?
i'm waiting 4 your answer, thank you...


Hey ! This template is awesome ! But i have a problem , i don't know what to put here :


My photo is on my desk , i post the picture but i don't know what to put in this code ??? Pleaase help me , ayudame porfaa

Kazam Media

If you want to put a title bar at the top of the large images, complete with a close icon use this code:


Make sure to replace all the ( and ) with < and >...

If you want the IMAGE to be clickable to add a comment you need to wrap it in a link, with the link to the blog entry. This means you will have to create the blog post first, go to it and copy the address and then re-edit your post with the address.

The code should look like this:

Make sure to replace all the ( and ) with < and >...


Hey there,
I'm definitely interested in the title bar as suggested by Kazam, but I'm a bit at a loss as far as in which part of the HTML should I paste the code.


Gracias por la plantilla, es fantástica. : )

Anael Rodríguez Ferrari

Hi Dante, your template is great but im having the same problem as jackie ayres (above). There's only one picture per post. Does anybody know why?I've been all day here trying to make it well but I didn't get it. Thanks!


Dante! Gracias por este enorme trabajo que realizaste con los templates.
Te muestro mi blog:
Fijate que cuando agrego mas entradas se cargan recien en la 2da pagina por lo que tengo que presionar 'Entradas Antiguas' para verlas. Como hago para que todas las entradas queden en el home?


Where can I download the actual XML templates? I've looked all over this site and can't find them.

Injun Jim

Hi Dante-

I really adore the photoplus template you created for blogger. I'm afraid I am doing something wrong, as I am not getting the same reaction when I click on the thumbnail. Your DEMO runs beautifully, but my blog is has far less spectacular behavior. What do you think I've done wrong? I especially love how the image on the DEMO opens in the center of the page, and a flash style display. My blog does not do that at all. It's completely missing the little ICON on the thumbnail that yours has. Thank you for any advice you may have- oh, my blog is:

so you can see for your self the behavior. Cheers.


Hi Dante,

I love your template and can´t wait to use it.
I´m totally new to working with html and can´t quite figure out to post my pictures.

I copy paste the post model and pasted in my flickr link for the original size and thumbnail. I controlled it a million times - what went wrong did I miss out on something?

can someone help me?


esta genia pero no logro entenderlo en ingles.. ayudaaaa!!!




Ur template is awesome. But I want to know can somehow we can put an comment option available when it is either in thumbnail mode or zoom mode will make it wonderful. Hoping for an answer..


hi dante .. great work, great themes, thx!

btw,using these themes, if any tumbnail image is clicked by a visitor will generate page views?


hi there, rly great theme gj

just wondering how to post pics that are vertical in thumbnail(like portrait photos in size 500x800 for example) coz if i put them in 187x128 it's shape gets weird


thanks a lot


thanks a lot


Hi Dante awesome are brilliant

Juan De Dios Mujica

Can a Photo be commented in this template? If not, how can i do it?


And Awesome template!


Great theme! Thank youuuuu!


Great Template, thanks a lot

the Lucky Shot Photography


I was wondering if it was possible to insert a "no right click" code in here?

Can't seem to figure out where to put it.


You are great.
thanks so much!
your work is amazing :-)


thank u for this great template
but I want to rewrite html to css
because that way I can connect my phoho on flickr automatic
will u have css vision

thanks again :)


Hi I just leave message
but I realize I got wrong idea
so I just fix the problem
so it's cool now
but thanks anyway
it's a great template :)


Is there a way to have a picture tag (i.e. the image title) to be shown when the mouse rolls over the image?


Great template Dante!

I've read all of the 107 comments and I can't believe nobody asked this question... so here it goes:

Both on Firefox and Google Chrome, each picture's opacity is at like 50%. When you hover over it, it goes 100%. This looks great!

But it doesn't work on IE.

anyone know a fix? thanks!!


is there a way replace pictures with a video?


I chose the setting to show 1 day worth of pictures. I only have one day up at the moment which contains 70 pictures. When I enter the site and come to the first page it shows 60 pictures. However when I click older, it shows the first 20 pictures I posted. I click newer and it shows the next 20 and so on. It is only until I click on the logo which brings me back to the front page does it look almost correct. Could you help me? Thanks.


great template.. thanks


Thanks Dante, Loves your template, i can make a beautiful web :D



Great template!
I thought this kind of web template only works with flash.

Big thanks Dante..... :)


Hey! I'm struggling to get more than one photo posted in one post. The first photo comes up perfect (thanks for making this template - it looks great!) but the second and third ones don't show up. Any clues? Is there something I need to type in the html code after the first photo? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


can i upload a photo from my computer or the only way is to give the url??

Diamond Star Club

Great blog :) i love it


Nice template... Thanks


Thanks A lot.....Its amazing

Marcio dalla

na minha pagina inicial aparecem só 7 imagens ou 7 postagens , alguém sabe como colocar 15 a 20 fotos ( postagens ) na pagina inicial ?


It's a very good template. Get the look of it appears in a blog posting that already exist? Please help.

Michelle K

Is it possible to change the background of the template to match my other blog?

Perfectly Perrywinkle

I am having trouble getting the photo to show on my blog? I am using photobucket to host my photos. Each time I post, all i see is the HTML? any help would be greatly appreciated!


no soy capaz de hacer funciona esta maravillosa template.. Pego los enlaces de las fotos, pero no salen.. Soy novata total.. si alguien pudiera ayudarme.. le estaria muy agradecida.
Gracias de antemano,

Chris Blacklay

Hi Dante,
Thank you soo much for the template, it looks great. I was wondering if you can help me. Is there is a way to make the photos on older pages click to enlarge like they do on the home page, as when I click the 'Older Posts' link the photos on that page don't have the enlarge button option.

I hope you can help.

thank you again.



OLa Dante.
Estou montando meu blog pessoal usando seu execelnte modelo, que permite ampliar as imagens sem mudar de pagina, evitando ter que retornar a pagina anterior.
Ha como adicionar um comentario nos posts ou tenho que incorporar nas imagens para aparecerem juntos?


does anyone has the same problem with me? it is perfect when i opened the home page. but when i want to preview the previous post, it seems that the maximize button does not come out. maybe you can look into this. btw thanks dante, great work!;)

King Marvin Mugabi

I'm having the same problem as the poster above. All I get is HTML when I try to use the fullsize.

and this is only with your photoplus template.
it works mostly fine with my normal template.


this is my blogger , always 7 article i can see on first page , why? please tell me thx!!!


Hi Dante!

Thank U for this template, it's very-very good! I changed it to my own design, and pictures work fine. But I have a problem: there isn't any menu. So is can't make menus for labels. I simply not find the code of menu in the xml. Can U help me?

Thanks a lot: David from Hungary



Emr reviews

I think its great.


Hi! I really need your help. I've used your template for several occasions (by the way I love it!), but just recently I have been having problems with it. Normally when I click on the pictures they pop-up but just recently they stopped doing that. I tried putting the html on separate blogs and used the post model like usual, but it hasn't worked. Please tell me whats going on! I need the template fixed.


hi dude!
Your template is so perfect !
What happend on it ? We can't enlarge anymore..
Is it possible to fix it ? what do you think ?
By the way thanks for everything!


Pictures don't maximize - please fix this problem. My blog is filled w/ a bunch of thumbnail pictures.


Hola! muchas gracias por el template es divino!!!
Hasta ahora no tuve problemas, pero desde ayer no funciona el fullsize. no sè que paso! Agradecerìa tu ayuda. Muchas gracias!!! besos. Vero.


Dear Dante, Why picture in my web can't expand... only thumbnail that shown, but usually it's normal, but why now i can't see my larger image thanks...

template not work :( now if i click the thumbnails not work.... :((

Patricia Ferrero

I think that the script "" has stopped working temporarily because since for one year I have this template and before it was working perfectly. For one month the images do not work. I have to change it to another script as lightbox...

Pablo Sánchez

Do you have the script?


Hi all,
first I want to say it's a great template that I use for around 2 years and I love it
here is my website

About the problem that makes impossible to enlarge the pictures, it's actually pretty simple (after looking for the fix for hours)

As said above, it's about the file "fullsize.css" originally stored on wallheaven that doesn't work anymore for a reason I don't know.

Here is the fix:
first you go at
It's the website with original file.
Download the complete zip
Store the complete zip in a personnal hosting service
Then replace in the html code template
"" in the original photoplus template by the link you have stored the fullsize.css
Save it
And it just work fine.

Hope my explanation was clear, don't hesitate to contact me for more explanation


Can someone help! I am having the same problem. I don't understand why the template doesn't work? Someone said they changed it to another script. What script is that to make the lightbox work? Please HELP.


Does anyone find a solution for the problem whit the fullsize images in Photoplus template? is down, i think that there is the problem, but, what can we do now?

Pablo Sánchez

Thanks Samy Francois!

My site is up again!


this solution will work fine for those who are using hosting service, but we who are using free .blogspot service have to find another solution like wallheaven's script. HELP please

Michelle K

I agree! I need help with the free blogger service... need a solution asap!


I'll join in on the previous comments from those of us who use the free blogger service. Is there any way that our pages can be saved without having our own hosting service? Thanks in advance for any kind help!


Guys, i found a solution at the following link and it worked well for me. ;)

abhilash thakur

such a lovelly template and it working well
thanks for share
free blogger template


Nice Sound Free , Thanks author for great discussion about free blog.

Pakistani music

I really love your theme templates.

Coupon Codes

Once again you have blown me away with yet another AWESOME template! However, whilst I love this gallery style I am more of a blogger than a photographer. Therefore would it be possible to make it so that it works just like your Showcase templates ie. when you click on a photo it goes directly to the post, rather than just enlarge the photo? On this template it seems that the only way people can read the posts is if they click on the blog archives tabs.


I can't seem to have found an explanation for this so here goes. When I post pictures as usual, clicking to make them bigger works. However, I want to edit the thumbnail but when I use your code, you can't click to make it bigger anymore. Is there a way to fix this?

Krishna Kumar

Hi Dante,

Really a great theme...thanks a lot...

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