Problems With Offline Files (Solved)

Guys, I am having problems with my dropbox account. All my files there are showing a 404 error message and the direct links are not working. I already sent them a message in the forum, let's see if I get any reply.

Untill there you may experience serious problem using my templates, specially my javascript files are hosted there, so none of them are working.

If you have your own server to host the files, I have made a pack of all JavaScripts used on my templates, you can download it from here. Please comment if I forgot to include any of them.

Note: For Bloggertube users here are the new URL for the JavaScript files:


If you don't know how to replace it by yourself, just download the new updated version of the template with the scripts already installed correctly, here.

Everything is working fine now. It seems like I was flagged automatically for serving out too much static content. Please help me in this, Host the JS at your own servers, otherwise I will keep being flagged again and again!

Sorry for the situation, I hope you understand that this is not my fault.


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No problem bro. I figured as much. I tried to copy and paste the js file addresses and in a separate tab and got the 'oops' message. Perhaps you could make available the files so that we could upload them into our own drop-boxes? To be honest, i don't know anything about this sort of thing and just have a simple understanding acquired from various sites talking about it.

Thanks mate,


Dante Araújo

There is a download link for it in the post. Read it again :)


Thanks. Will do that now. I just opened a boxnet account. Just have to figure out how to get the link for the files once it is in boxnet.

Hope you got my email from pp.


Dante Araújo

I think does not work for direct links. It's goo for downloading files.

Yeah I got that beer man, thanks a lot!


Great to hear. Thought i would receive an email. Never mind.

By the way, can you put out instructions as to which file in the html has to be replaced with which file in the package? I think quite a few people will be lost as to what to do with the file. That's the least that has to be done i think - considering lots of 'newbies' will be using this...including myself.

For the info of those whom are as ill-versed in these things as myself. Just sign up with 'googles sites' and upload the files. Some have said that you will first have to save it as a text file. I've done that and uploaded, but the file 'gallery2' screws up the layout of the site.

Hope you can issue the instruction soon Dante.

Thanks again,


The Home Spa Goddess

Hi Dante,

I'm missing something but I don't know what. I got the two slider arrows to show but I can't get the latest vid to show up. See...

What script should I upload? I added galleryvideo.js and easySlider1.7.js

Do I need the one from There was no jspi script in the folder you posted.

Thanks for all your hard work, this is template is just what I was looking for:)

Thanks for your help.



I also wrong in my Dropbox account. :(

best to host the picture files blogspot Let us resume: (

Dante Araújo

I have just upated BloggerTube, it's now working again, please read the note above or download Bloggertube again to get the new version.


Some years ago, i used to promote some activist initiatives at my site and put up buttons for people to place on their site. I would also put up the codes for them to copy and paste. But i would re-upload the same pictures everyday to webhosts and get new links for them and replace the codes so that the pictures can appear on their sites immediately. I was afraid that one link might stop working, so i changed the links everyday. That way, if one link failed, it wouldn't affect thousands.

That's not a problem with bloggertube for now. But as this is a fantastic template, i'm sure it is only a matter of time when thousands will be using it. So if we change the javascript link on the template often, at least thousands won't be affected if one site goes down.

Of course, at the same time, we should educate bloggers using this template on where and how to upload these javascripts and host them themselves. And others can also host these templates and supply links to maybe 50 or 100 people before changing the javascript links. This way, those who really don't know how to do these things can still use these templates without worry. I don't mind helping in this too. Let me know if there is anything i can do.

I won't expect just Dante to do all the work as i'm sure he has lots of other things to do as well. But if this is not done, people might just think that this is a great template but with lots of problems. But the truth is, we should all pitch in to solve it in anyway we can.


Dante Araújo

I just uploaded it to Google Code, it should be fine for now.


Thanks for the codes Dante. Works great.

For everyone who is as 'newbie' as myself, just do a control-f in the 'edit html' page and search for 'easyslider' and replace the code with the above; and then 'gallery', and replace it with the above code that ends with 'galleryvideov'. The code that has to be replaced starts with 'http.....js'.



New problem with google sites. When i host javascripts there, its effect is visible on my bloggertube. But the moment i log out, the effects can't be seen. I've made the site visible to the whole planet, but it still doesn't work. If anyone has a solution, let me know please. Till then, i'm looking for other solutions.



Dante, Just a personal message to you. As the solution i provided above doesn't work, can you please delete it so others don't have to waste their time with it. Thanks. Any ideas where i can host javascripts? Still checking it out.


The Home Spa Goddess

Hi Dante!

Thanks for fixing this. I can host the code myself but the second java script file, this one:


It's not in that folder of scripts you posted. Can you post a link to it so people can host that one themselves?

Thanks soooooooooo much!

You rock!!!



Dante Araújo

@ed, Just use the google code links above, or host it at another Google code account, I think it's a trustable place to place them.

@Denise, Do the same thing I told ed to do, just use google code links above, much easier :)


Hi dante !

Please get me the link for postsample.txt file,what is in the text ,what should i enter at blogger settings ! Please !!!im waiting for your reply!

Dante Araújo

Here is the link for Bloggertube post sample:

The Home Spa Goddess

Hi Dante,

Won't using those links get you flagged again? It is easier but I don't want you to get flagged again;) If you decide to post the download link to galleryvideov1.js I'll host it on the server space I have at Yahoo.

Wanna see how I modded your super duper template?

Thanks again:)



hi dante!
Thanks for it!

By d way ...Where should i change/add the script of/to youtube to other service(megavideo etc.,) in the template ?

As i already changed the script between head tags to magavideo ,But stil its not clear and i hope i should do more changes .

So u please help me by telling the template parts at which i should make changes to convert it for megavideo videos.

Can i replace or can i add the script along with the youtube script ,such that we can add both the videos to bloggertube!

~ *My Favorite Music Collection* ~

Hola Dante, I already follow and has solved the problem. I put the easySlider on rapidshare, and worked, but the other one galleryvideov1.js is cannot access with the url that have been given from rapidshare, so i am still using from How to make that file work if i am put it in rapidshare? Thanks Dante.


hi dante!

I have gone thru bloggertube template and i have some doubts regarding the template modification for changing it from youtube default to megavideo default.

As i changed the template code from youtube to megavideo between the head tags and it was partially transformed ,as the video is appearing at full post article area,but the thumbnail of video is not appearing at main page.

So i finally request you that at which temlate parts should i still make changes to get full function of template ?
U just ..please tell the template parts to change script/code,the remaining things can be done by me .
plzz im in need to make it for my work .So please support my work and help me.

Im not demanding you ,i just requesting you!

Its upto yours ,about to help!

K..thanks in advance(waiting for your reply)!


Hi dante ,

My name is Dheeraz .

Can you help me ?

its all about css images for my blog,i jus need 4 images which are made in photoshop(as my laptop is configured at 512mb ram,tho im using portable photoshop ..but i cant get the exact color/gradients and the laptop runs very slow..Plzz..plz..)
no matter about images ..u jus make as if u r site images,i ll be thankful to you!

if you are ok..then ill reply the dimensions of images!

Its upto to help!No pressure!Only request!

Dante Araújo

Guys, I think if you use the google code links it will be okay. That flagged links were the dropbox ones.

I cannot give support on changing the template to support any other video service, I plan to make that already with my team, if you are trying to do it by yourself, I can't support it.

@Anonymous, send me that, with details to my email, use the contact form, I will help you.

Best Regards.


it is ok now, thanks for the fix.

For all those u can not how to fix the main video problem just in EDIT HTML search for galleryvideo and replace the dropbox url with




Thanks by

Diva Quilts

Hi Dante,

I just found you a few days ago and think your templates are beautiful!!!

I tried to use one of them for another blog I'm going to start but I keep getting this error (both at home and at work):

The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


The server did not understand the request, or the request was invalid. Error processing resource

It's probably something really silly that I'm doing wrong, but I'm not very savvy about these things. Could you help me please?

Thank you so much!


Q site gratis vc recomenda pra hospedar o .js do Showcase Light?
de preferencia um q seja rapido...pq o google sites fica meio lento

PSOE Totana

This template no run in IE6x???


thanks my site is fine now

thanks again dante u are an amazing guy...
this theme is amazing..

Soufiane LeBlogger

Why you don't use, they give 20 GB free mounthly bandwidth, just give it a try and you'll see .....

(Avatars aren't showing on your blog too, I can't understand why....)

albert serrano

hi, Dante



okay, I don't get it. I have downloaded this XML 3x now, checked the html and the revisions which are in the code; however this still does not work. Please advise. The slider with a video still isn't working. Please advise before I blow the blog up! LOL


Would it matter which browser I used? Hopefully this isn't an issue. I'd appreciate any help. thanx.

Vivian (Defeated)

first~ thanks for bloggertube- great template, I was just thinking about creating a blog to share my videos

However, when i found that my slider does not work i came here and found this post, changed my html right away... however, this is what I see...

I did change some frame's sizes ( the header only tho) but it worked fine before i replace the link

please teach me how to fix it>"<""
i've been trying to change the frame settings, but i m still a newbie on this...
btw... can u also let me know the structure of the frames on this template? ( like where the header is, and so forth) thanks^^
hope to get ur reply soon~

المدونة الرسمية للشيخ ياسين التهامي

The automatic scrolling of the video emerged last Broken in my Arjoualemsaadp to solve this problem and thank you

Herzl -

Já faz mais de um mês sem post =/, está tudo bem com você?

It's been over a month without post = /, it's okay with you?


Hi, The slide feature and the Recent Video widget was working well on my site for some days but suddenly today it stop working i don't know why. Can you help me please about it.

I already replaced the files you mentioned above the time I install this template and for somedays it was working perfect but now I am having this problem

thanx alot

this is the url:

Dea Carvalho

Sumiu do blog... tá tudo bem?

Dea Carvalho

Sumiu do blog... tá tudo certinho?

Daily Mobile

We need New templates Dante! :)


Hi Dante!

I don't know what sites use others for hosting pictures, but I use Flickr. To put my Flickr images on the blog I use the URL code below each picture displayed on screen. For the thumbnail i changed your "post model" which is like this:

[ img alt = "A description of the image goes here." longdesc= "LINK_TO_THE_FULLSIZE_IMAGE" src = "LINK_TO_THE_THUMBNAIL" / ]

To have a thumbnail using a Flickr photo i use the code:

[ img alt = "A description of the image goes here." longdesc = "LINK_TO_THE_FULLSIZE_IMAGE" src = "LINK_TO_THE_THUMBNAIL" width = "187" height = "128" / ]

But what should I do if I want a zoom anywhere on that image for the thumbnail?

Here's a demo for your template where the thumbnails have some kinds of zooms:

The butterfly image, for example, have a zoom for the thumbnail.

Please teach me how to obtain a zoom for the Flickr images. What code do I need?

Thank you! :)

Anonymous let's you store files free with unlimited bandwidth. Only thing is , you gotta share them with the public, and aren't you already doing that?


Thanks for the template. After long hours of searching for the right template for my blog, I have finally found the best one.

Again, thank you!


Sir Dante, Good day! Sorry for the messages I have sent to you regarding slider problem as what the others have. In fact I researched it thoroughly on how to get rid of this error as we experienced. But now at least I solved it through new template you've given. Thanks a lot.!


On having changed this code it is disordered quite.
For Internet Explorer he presents serious porblemas. One sees something better in Chrome

I come back to ....galleryvideov2.js, but it does not show the esay slider

my blog:

help me


My contact list is on the left side of the screen where it should be on the right & not all the contacts are says OFFLINE where Contacts use to be on the right side under IM, stationery & etc. Any idea how to fix this?? It's irritating as it's this way on p.c. & mac. (new computers) Thanks,


Thank you Brother....

Mauricio Valerio

WOWWWW. Are you a teacher. Just thanks, Really.
Sometimes the people ask and aks, just read.

Again, thanks.
See you.
Mi blog:

What happen with ur file at googlecode host? js link in bloggertube is dead.

Google Error

Your client does not have permission to get URL /files/galleryvideov1.js from this server. (Client IP address:

You are attempting to perform an activity that you have insufficient permissions for. If you feel this is in error, please contact the project administrator.

same goes to easySlider1.7.js
can u upload this somewhere so i can download and host it myself. thanks in advance.


Bogart Media

Google's returning a 403 on these .js files now :(
Is it broken?


problems, problems, problems, and more problems...

All the webs based in Bloggertube do not work.
Problems with slider, problems with galleryvideo.js, problems with all and this post does not give us solutions.

Francis Coral - Mellon

Hi Dante I sent you before an email asking for a request to teach us how to host blogger-tube ourselves and change some things to customize for our needs. But no reply this is a paying job. Please email me at


the google code returns a 403 now.

Conor O'Brien

hmm ive included all above revisions , re=downloaded etc, but still no joy :(:(


I'm new, so please excuse me if I'm asking something that's been solved above, I just don't know which solution goes with my problem. I'm trying to use the PhotoPlus gallery theme, but like the "live demo" I'm not getting the photo zoom effect. I downloaded the javascripts, but what do I do when I'm editing the html in blogger? What do I input first? The photoplus code, and then the javascript? If someone could help me, that would be greatly appreciated. As I said, I'm new to this stuff.


Porque no explican como corregir el slider del inicio?

Un pequeño video como tutorial o fotos donde expliquen bien!

Ya me estoy artando de buscar una solucion pero solo veo personas buscando una solucion… porque no ayudan…

Contesten mi mensaje…

(Me refiero al slider del inicio donde se ve el video mas destacado..)


Porque no explican como corregir el slider del inicio?

Un pequeño video como tutorial o fotos donde expliquen bien!

Ya me estoy artando de buscar una solucion pero solo veo personas buscando una solucion… porque no ayudan…

Contesten mi mensaje…

(Me refiero al slider del inicio donde se ve el video mas destacado..)

Nguyễn Thành Trung

Hey, this link is died , please fix it

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