[NEW] What is happening to Photobucket

Hello Guys,

I know you're having this awful photobucket problem. The thing is that my bandwidth exceeded and I don't have any money on my paypal account right now. The thing is that I will have the money by tuesday, so if you could wait that would be nice.

For those who would like to help solving this problem, you can send me donations right now on my paypal email: dante.araujo@gmail.com or by clicking the button on this link

I appreciatte it, since I pay every month to keep the imagens in your templates safe.

Best Regards

Dante Araujo


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Share the images please!!!!


please update it as soon as possible. thanks.


Hi Dante, How are you?

If you give us the images we can store them in our own hosting.

thank you!

DJ Pain 1

Could you please share images? It would prevent us from harassing you each time photobucket caused problems.

Thanks again for the great template,


Share the images please!

Tan Jia Hui

Hi! The problem is back again!

El lobo mx

Please upload the images to megaupload or some hosting of files to download and upload images to our own web hosting.


Thanks for letting us know :) I'm grateful you actually pay so we can have a kickass template :)

Pilipinas Got Talent

I've used this theme but unfortunately there has been a bandwidth issue with the images and the Photobucket images are all over my site now... :( i hope this could be fix... or do u know any theme like BloggerTube? Or much better as what everyone is asking, can you share the images to us? Thanks... I hope this will be over soon...


If you have the money to pay for your own domain name and webspace, why don't you upload the images to your webspace? Why do you rely on a third-party service?

Fabric Fanatics

Hi Dante,

Thanks for hosting and created nice template for us to use.
I donated some bucks for you, glad that you manage to pay the bills today and I am happy everything is OK already.



Hi! It seems that everything is ok now!
You did a really great job!
Thanks for Photoplus template!
It`s actually what I was looking for.
Check my web site:
Best regards!

Sü Smith

Good luck with this. I hope you got some donations.


Carp (ikan Kap)

Good job dante!
May I know how to add page like ABOUT US and CONTACT US? I am having problem to do it because the current template that has video slider etc..
Can you help?


thanks for ur templates

Deepak Yadav

Man are you not writing any articles on this blog, ....???

Free Backlinks

thx.. i was found many Blogging tutorial at here :)


I need a clear answer..

Will you ever work on creating a greater version of bloggertube?

I ve seen and edited the v3 (search google)... Which is a ongoing project without you working on it.

Why there s not a serious new version made by you?

Is there another blog you re posting? cause there are no new posts on this one...at all...

ecommerce hosting

Good job! you've done a wonderful job in fixing your blog's problem in your picture host. We can help, just tell us if this ever happens again.

Seo Melbourne

I value your having time to speak about this. I am passionate concerning this topic and really enjoy understanding more about it.


I wish you good luck. Hope you can make some donations!!!


Thanks for your templates. Just what I am looking for...

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