How to Show your T-shirt Designs With Realism - Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will show you a quick way to aply your designs into a realistic t-shirt using Photoshop.

1. Download the T-Shirt Model:

Download this file, extract using winrar or another similar software, and open the "Camisa.tif" file using Photoshop.

2. Changing the color:

Notice that it's possible to change the color of the t-shirt, by doing that you can modify it for your own purposes. Select the "Shirt" layer then open the "Hue/Saturation" options (CRTL+U). In this case, I want to have a lighter gray color, so just change the "Lightness" value to +30.

3. Importing the design:

Go to File>Place. Select the design file you want to aply, it's recommended that you use a good resolution image.

4. Positioning the design:

Resize and place the design where you desire to aply it, then hit ENTER.

5. Overlaping parts:

Notice that some part of the design can overlap the t-shirt area, we will solve this now.

6. Dele "Your Art" Layer:

Cilck on "Your Art" layer, then drag and drop it on the trashcan icon..

7. Aply the mask:

Click on the "Mask" Layer's mask, then drag and drop it onto your design's layer.

8. Disable the mask link:

Click on the litle chain icon to disable the link between the mask and its related layer

9. The mask is ready:

Now you can move and resize the design all around the t-shirt without concerning about overlaping areas.

10. Final Adjustments:

Lower the oppacity for the "Shadow" layer, set it to 90%. Now they look more smooth, giving the t-shirt a more realistic touch.

11. Final Result:

Now you can give your t-shirt designs a more professional touch, you can also present it to your clients in a more realistic way, giving them the possibility to visualize the real t-shirt when finalized.


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Weverton Guedes

Very nice! Muito bom!
Muito obrigado! Estava a tempos procurando como fazer estampa em uma camiseta usando photoshop.


thank you for tutorial


really nice¡¡ but the file dont work plz upload again



hope you know this is breach of copyrighted info. that file belongs to a company called GoMedia I would take that file down if I were you.

Techno Crazy

Nice tutorial, guys!
maybe i will to try it...^^


great tutorial & easy to follow....................

m taylor

thanks for teh explaination! very helpful

Insurance Online

I think it's very awesome tutorial...
Great topic, i'll try it soon :-)

κατασκευη ιστοσελιδων

tha for that.... i will try it.....thx again

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