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Motivated from the succes made by the Paperview Template for Blogger, and all the feedback that you guys gave me. I have decided to convert it to worpress. So here it is! I hope you enjoy it!

It features a newspaper style, with a very cool contrast and stylish titles. You'll get a custom dinamic navigation at the top which automatically adds new buttons as you create new pages. A widget ready sidebar to make your life much easier. And much more!

If you have any questions or problems with that theme, please drop me a comment, or use the contact section.


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Hey can I remove the "Leia o post completo..." ? Cause I don't understand a word of it. Thanks

Dante Araújo

It says "Read Full Post"
You can replace it or remove it if you want.



Live-demo is gone! I can't port it without the live-demo, bring it back...

Dante Araújo

@Begynder, This template was already converted to wordpress by me. The live demo here is just a screenshot of it. If you want the right paperview live demo please visit the right post of it!


umm, i like your template, but i need some help, can i remove the LEIA O POST COMPLETO? thanks

Dante Araújo

Please download the new version of paperview above and this problem is already solved.


The "Leia o post completo..." How do I remove it? I tried looking for it at the edit HTML, but I can't seem to find it.


Dante Araújo

Please before asking something make sure you read the previous comments, many of your questions may have already be answered before.


Dante Araujo

Frajax Design Studio

Hi Dante! regards from Venezuela.

I love this template since I first saw it, so I have one cuestion: ¿how do I customize the footer section (the widgets)? Thanks a lot in advance.

Keep your fine work!

Dante Araújo


How exactly do you want to customize them?


Na fotinha do demo existe um post com "read full post" e outro não.

É possível fazer isso no blogger?


Love the template Dante. Thanks for sharing.


Love this!! Thank you for share this template :D

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