Glamorous - Free PREMIUM Blogger Template

Ok guys, I agree that I haven't posted forever. I was really bury doing some college works, but now I am back.

I bring you my newest creation: Glamorous, a very nice-shiny-glamorous-sexy-bling-bling-ding-ding template for Blogger!

This is a Premium One, I was suppose to sell it, but I have decided to give you guys this gift. I Hope you enjoy it!

Premium Features:
  • 3 column
  • PSD File for logo included
  • Well designed graphics
  • Custom comments block
  • Easy-to-edit Navigation bar
  • Very versatille, If you change the background pattern, you getter a whole new great looking template.


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is that possible to have a wordpress layout like that in blogger?

if you know how to convert it, it will be pleasure..

i admire ur work. ;)

Dante Araújo

It's a very nice Wordpress Theme that I will surely consider converting it in the future :)

Thank's for the suggestion!

Paul Klenk

Very nice, Dante, very nic.

Dante Araújo

Thanks a lot Paul.

Need anything ? Just Ask!

Caroll Costa

Hi, nice template.

Dante Araújo

Thanks Carol :]

Tips Tricks

your work is awesome man you are really pro
but may i suggest that you pick some professionals wp themes like elegant themes something cool like your blog design

Dante Araújo


Thank you so much for the kind words.
Hehe I wish I could make every template that I want, You know I don't have much free time to work on them, as you can see I don't have many posts.

I give all my time to my users though, I reply every single comment, and help every single on who asks me for help, The users are the most important thing to my blog, once i have them, I can get to work on more stuff.

But thank you for your suggestion, and as soon as I finish working on the blog itself (I want to put much more features) I will give full time to make new templates.

PS.: I prefer to make my own unique templates instead of converting. But you guys will see some converted nice templates here. Please be patient. It's just me to make templates, work on the blog, support users, reply comments, etc :]


Dante Araujo

Tips Tricks

:D ya looks really many commitments you have
good luck man, and ya thing i liked that you reply and helped every one commented here.
i hope that not change

Dante Araújo

Be sure that I will give my best to help everybody here =)


Hello, Dante.
Thank you for providing amazing templates free of charge.

Dante Araújo

You're very welcome Jason, Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me this nice feedback!

Nicole Lynch

How do you change the glamourous logo?

Dante Araújo

Hi Nicole,

The PSD for the logo is included in the .ZIP file when you download. YOu can edit it or change it to whatever wou would like..

To change the logo follow the instructions:

1 - Find the line:

#logo-wrapper a {

2 - Change the "background: url()", "width" and "height" to your new logo file.



Alvaris Falcon

Clean and beautiful, and the color combination is very nice! I wonder what is the font you used for title? Thanks! ;)

Dante Araújo

This is a really nice font called "Buffet Script"



nicely done.. keep sharing mr. dante.

Dante Araújo

Hey Flit, thank you so much :] I'll do it hehe


Hi Dante. This is awesome template! Most free templates are hard to customize (in my opinion) but this one is easy to use and looks really good. Question for there a way I can add the pop-up social bookmark bar you used in this theme? Thanks!


mmmm... i DONT Speak english..but I love YOUR templates... and i dont know how to use it!!. this is my blog... please. help me. how i can use it??


oooh... thank you.. i´ve been reading and now i know how to do it.


HEY.. i dont speak english well.. but i hope u can understand me =D....
i have a problem with the template...
i need 3 columns, but one column is lost =( and i dont know how to fix it..

please help me.. add me to msn!

Dante Araújo

What language do you speak ? I am brazilian and I can speak portugues lol!

Please send me a link for the blog with the problem and I will help you solving it =)


visiting and looking your great templates here...i think i love this sone..


Thx for the template but i have the same problem as mauricio, one column is lost...
Thx for the awnser ;)

Regards ;)



I too have the same problem, I have a column and I do not know how to fix the problem, Would you please tell me what should I do?

Thanks ^___^


Problem fixed.

Thanks ^___^

Dante Araújo

Guys the only way I can help you with this is when you post the link for the blogs you are getting the problems.

I need to take a look on the website and also on its code to check what is causing the problems.

Please give me links and I will solve the column bug.

Dante Araújo


It yould be nice if you post here the solution you found to solve this situation! That's how a community of users work, and I am sure everybody would enjoy it!


I am also a big fan.. I used your gorgeous template in my blog. Here a link to one of my entries:

My problem is that I can't seem to get comments to work. Do you mind helping me? It seems that it might lend to fixing your template for others.


Dante Araújo

Of course I can help you! Please tell me details about this issue, why you can't get comments to work ?


The download link does not seem to be working ...

Dante Araújo

Just tried the download link here, it is working.


I love this design & layout, but I cannot get blogger to load this, it just comes up all scrambled and blank. =( I've been working on it for a couple hours now. If you can help, it'd be much appreciated. I'm not very good at restructuring coding 'n' such, but I'd like a version of this with the following modifications:

1.) I'd like this exact version WITHOUT the "last posts" and "labels" columns on the right side & then of course all re-centered, making the main posting area a wider size.

2.) Also can you please edit out the following:
"Posted By..." and "Labels..." tag under each Posting title BUT LEAVE COMMENTS as I'd like to use those. =)

3.) Instead of "About" for a tab up top, "Links" instead with it set up to add links.

Please send the edit version to:

Thank you & I look forward to it! =)


Have tried to install this code 4 or 5 times now... Blogger just reads it as coding, not what it's suppose to look like. Still seeing if my previous request of a slight alteration of this is possible.




I actually got this blog to work... FINALLY... had to create a new one, b/c for some reason my old one wasn't accepting the coding...

Quick Question...
How can I get rid of this so it does NOT show on the blog:

Posted by .C. on 10.21.2009

I just wanna keep the "Comments (0)" part... get rid of the author, timestamp & the "/"

Thanks a bunch!


Hi Dante! I love this layout! I also love your other work! A couple things, I can't figure out how to get the date to show up on my blog posts. The other things is I would like to have the photos on my comments. can you help?

World's Greatest Fashion Designer

I have been trying to change the glamorous title. i made my title on photoshop and i put it in photobucket. i saw that you put the document on photobucket and made it a .png file. I tried to make my url like your url so that it work in the css coding but it didnt! So I dont know what to do. Thanks for your help! could you email me your response!


Hi dante....I very muh loved ur template and i encourage the quick response u give the thig i wanna know is , i would like to have the navbar on top, but this template doesnt show that even if i add it in the layout?....check mt test blog at i want to use this for my real blog
Thx.hope u reply soon..


Thank you Dante, it's such a beautiful theme that you've created. You're incredibly talented.

- Cass


Absolutely amazing….great post.Some amazing stuff in here,really good info,thanks for sharing.


Hi thanks! I've been making a blog. I will use it as my theme! Thanks!


Love the template. But how can I change the sidebar's Width? I'd Like to make the blogpost width bigger. Please... Thanks! :)

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