Wiking - Free Blogger Template

Wiking is a very well designed wordpress theme by SkinPress. Converted to Blogger by Me for Deluxe Templates.

  • 2 column
  • Custom RSS Link
  • Well designed graphics
  • Easy-to-edit Navigation bar


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José Antonio Ruiz Rodríguez

I think its's nice this template. I like it so much.

Thaks, DanteAraujo.

Dante Araújo

You're very Welcome José!

Feel free to ask for any help needed!


Hi dante,
I have featured your template in my BloggerUser blog.
You may want to check it out.
And ya i must say its cool template.
Thanks for developing blogger templates and helping many other bloggers.


That's pretty cool
I like it especially the RSS icon it's just awesome
thank u very much.


I really like your template, but I have a question, can I use more than 2 sponsors? (maybe 4 or 6), and also, how can I do it?

Thank you very much in advance.

I use your free and great template at

Dante Araújo

Hi elcirculoweb,

I have visited your blog and It seems like your problem is already solved. If you still have any questions please report to me here.


Hi man!! you're really young and really great!! I can't believe when I saw the picture in your profile!! :o

Yesterday, late at night, after I post you, I was trying in different ways, I'm not totally sure what I did, but I know that in the template I created:
* another #sponsors-wrapper with an height shorter (100 px) -thinking that I'm not going to use the 'sponsorstitle'
* I created more .sponsor (4)
* my #sponsors-wrapper has margin-top:55px;
If I want to use another #sponsors-wrapper, what is the value that I have to use in margin-top???
***I've had troubles with the #sponsors-wrapperS because sometimes they appears overlapping (the images)

Thank you in advance from Tepic, Nayarit, México =)

Dante Araújo

Hehe I am 19yo for those who don't know.

Please add the another #sponsors-wrapper and send me the link so I can help you finding the best way to do it.

Peeping Tom

Hi, im starting my blog and i chose your template for starting =D

i have a question, how can i change the image of the sponsors, and make a link to my sponsor and other thing how can i create more sponsors?

thx for the template i really would like to create mines but im starting =(



Shall we use those themes in our own WP based sites?

Dante Araújo

This template is only for blogger, sorry. :/

It is also available as a wordpress theme, just google "Wiking wordpress theme" and you may find it.

D. Ismanadi

yuhuuui, thanks for your great template, i get this one for my blog :)

Blogger Template

Nice template


how do i edit the Comment as section

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