Blogger Quick Tips #1 - How to Show Your Twitter Updates on Your Blog

Based on a lot of really simple questions that I get every day from my users, I am now starting a new "section" on my blog called "Blogger Quick Tips". Here I will make little tutorials, sometimes screencasts, to elucidate some easy quick tricks that can be easily done and improve your Blogger experience.

The first one is a quick screencast that will help you installing a simple twitter widget that works fine. It's so simple that you guys don't need any audio or even screen annotations. Enjoy it!


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Jose M. Burgos

Hello Dante,

My name is Jose and I came across your web site while looking for information about Blogger templates.

Here is the thing: I have a web site that I created using Blogger ( because is the only publishing tool I know how to use ;) However, I think (I know) it can be improved and I am wondering if you could help me with that.

All I want is a different "face", more modern and more professional,you know? For example, I would like to have a slideshow in the main page with pictures of the players and a nicer background and a top menu, to name a few things.

Do you think you could help me achieve this? I thought maybe you could suggest a template that would allow me to do all this (keep in mind that I know little about HTML. All you see in my web site, I did it after countless hours of research!).

I am willing to donate to your site, if necessary. I do not have a lot of money but I understand you need people to donate in order to keep doing what you do.

Anyway... please let me know what you think. I would really, really appreciate if you could help me with this.


Dante Araújo

Hello José!

I would love to help you in this project since I am brazilian so I love soccer :].

I would recommend you to check the "Premium Services" button at the top right of my blog, I am sure you will find something that will help you there. After reading trough it, please use my contact form and email me what you think about it.

I apreciatte your nice words and thanks for trusting me. I work hard to give my users the best experience I can ever give them.

Waiting for your responde in my email, and looking forward to help you with this.




hi dante, i like all ur template... thanks for sharing.

Dante Araújo

Youre welcome Choen!


halo i'm indonesian i love brazilian soccer too:-). I take ur template, visit my blog
The problem is the description portion a litle covers the position of the title.
can u tell me what should i do?

Dante Araújo

You are using a HUGE blog title, No template designer will make a template thinking about that... I recommend you to reduce either your blog title or the font size.

Soufiane LeBlogger

So you are Brazilian, very good news, i am French, and i love soccer too ....

(the video is too big and very slow....)


video is not working! :-(

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