Prometheus - Free Premium Blogger Template

Prometheus is really a premium-like blogger template. It features a serius look, and a nice done magazine style. It's good to show news or articles. I designed this template some time ago to sell it at, but I have decided to give it away for you guys, Enjoy.

  • Magazine Style
  • Automatic Thumbnail and "Gallery Style" Posting
  • Well designed graphics
  • Custom comments block
  • Easy-to-edit Navigation bar
  • Also author posts are highlighted
  • Easily changeable background

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Murilo Hildebrand de Abreu

Belíssimo template (aliás, como todos os outros que você criou).
Fico com vontade de criar um blog de poesia só para poder usar esse novo template.


Dante Araújo

Muito Obrigado Murilo!

walter freires

Adorei o template tbem!!!Comufazw
mas não conseguir baixar o codigo!!

Dante Araújo

Porque você não conseguiu? Eu testei aqui e o link está funcionando perfeitamente, o link do Download é este

Quadrilha da Mãe

legal heiM


can i make the thumbnails click able?

Dante Araújo

It depends on what result you want to get, For this template, the thumbnails are meant to be post summaries, so assum that you have a link on your summary, you dont want to have another link on the whole thing to your post do you?

I generally use linked thumbnails for using with images because people prefer this feature on gallery style templates.

I think prometheus is more like a magazine style than gallery.


cool template.


Hello! Thanks for the template. I was just wondering how you got the dates to show up above each post. I was only able to get the time.

Dante Araújo

Try to set another Date or Timestamp model on your settings...


Hi, just want to let you know that I'm currently using this template. I hope you don't mind if I made some revisions. Thanks a lot. Cheers! :)

Dante Araújo

@Trabeller of course I don't mind! I love when people change my templates to their own needs and make them even more unique!

Thanks a lot!


I just found this layout and love it, but my images are getting all stretched out. Also, I wish there was some differentiation for blockquotes. :(

Dante Araújo

Post images on 800x600 proportion for not getting streched out.


All images have to be 800x600? Even if the image is much smaller or longer vertically than its width?

Dante Araújo

Not exactly 800x600 size... but PROPORTION!


Okay, thank you. :)


One last question--is there any plans in the future to create a three-column prometheus/magazine-like blogger layout?

Dante Araújo

Yup! I will always keep up my work to bring you guys the best templates around :)


Hey Dante, than you sssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the great tempaltes you have created. Just love it.
I have a couple of questions though. 1, Can we sue the gallery templates for test too? I mean can we post text instead pictures just like regular post?
2, I have problems with linkbar menues. How can I change it to match my blog's?

Thank you one again and keep the god work.


Dante Araújo

Hello Bashir,

Yes I think So, Try using text on it and see what's look like!

And for about the menu link, search your codes for "'navigation-wrapper'" and you will get a list of links, feel free to edit them as you wish!

Dr Swann

Thanks for the template - it is brilliant! I modified it to make the summaries clickable not just the titles, added in a blockquote style, made it so the post date shows and added another column. It is near unrecognisable now! But thanks, I really appreciate you providing this template for free.

Dante Araújo

Wooow! That is one of the best customizations of my templates that I have ever seen!

Dishtank DJ

Can't get the date to show up even with different formats of the date. I love this template and want to use it. Do you have any other suggestions as to how to get the date to appear on my posts?

Dante Araújo

You need to set a different Timestamp Format.

Simos Segiopoulos

hello! your design is great! But i also have problem with the timestamp. What is the best? What format? Please explain us more...

Daniela Milagres

Olá Dante! Estou usando esse template no blog de uma tia minha que é artesã... O Endereço é, mas as imagens não estão sendo redimensionadas... Percebi que o código .js que faz isso não está mais disponível. Daí precisei fazer uma gambiarra (inseri as imagens no tamanho pequeno) para que possam aparecer centralizadas e em um tamanho "ideal". Vc tem alguma solução? Parabéns pelo seu trabalho e obrigada!

Dante Araújo

Olá! Substitua o link do arquivo .js por este:



This is nice. I'm using it. Thanks :)

Dante Araújo

You're welcome!


why cant I drag and drop whatever widgets I want in the bottom 3 columns... it says feed something and wont allow me to delete it or putting another widget it in place


awesome !!


Muito bom o template Dante, está de prabéns. Só estou com uma dúvida.

Em meu blog, valeria beeem mais apena se não tivesse o menu lateral e ao invés de 2 postagens por linha, 3.

Tem como fazer isso?



Ahh, e tem como diminuir o tamanho da fonte de apresentação?


(do título de apresentação do post)


Love the Template. I have been posting powerpoint presentations in my blog posts using slide share. It works fine in Internet Explorer but in firefox the slideshow presentations appear on the home page covering the post descriptions. Is there anyway I can fix this?

Dafi Deff

Thanks for the template. I'm using it. God Bless You...


Hi Dante, i love this template. Your a great author.
Do you know how to:
1. Make thumbnails a standard size for every post?
2. Stop the 'read more' dissapearing?



Hi again, is it also possible to add footer widget sections?


Sorry, i've noticed something else. This is the last question i promise!
The blog title is too close to the description, how do i make the margin bigger?

Thanks again Dante.


Hi! I was wondering how to make the "Older Posts" link show u on the layout? Thanks.


Hi,Very nice template.Thanks!!!!



Great templeate!!! thanks for it ...

my blog posts are are all assorted in different places randomly.. they are not placed side by side.. is there any way to fix it

politia blogurilor

hello Dante. Nice your work. I have this template is very good but i dont know how to make "read more"


It's a great template, but HOW do I set a different timestamp format?


Sorry, how stupid of me! Got it! Looks nice now. Thanks for this template!

Glenn Danzig

Great work Dante!
I have a couple of questions...
- Can I arrange it to 3 colums and how?
- How cant make the thumbs go to its post.
Can you help me? Thank you Dante!


Really nice temlate :) happy to apply it on my blog :)

Love, Life & why

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