Viluxus - Free Blogger Template

Viluxus is a deluxe template. It has a serious dark background which gives the template a professional spirit. Also it's wide post area is great for photoblogging and portfolios. It is a very organized template, really neat.

  • Minimalistic
  • White, Gray
  • Highlighted Author Comments
  • Easy to customize
  • Custom Welcome Message feature
  • Fast Loading


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Daily Phones

Nice template! btw.great post and great blog! We also invite you to me on the blog ;)


Great Templates!!! I dowbnlad It!!!

Melhor Vizela

i there Dante.
i've downloaded this template, that i think is spectacular.
I uploaded it and is ok for firefox, but not ok to internet explorer.
You can go to: and see it for yourself.
The background images in i.e. disappears.
any ideia how to solve it?

best regards.

Melhor Vizela

does not work in internet explorer, does it?

Dante Araújo

I have tried this template many times on IE and it does work. It seems to have some problem with image hosting when it comes to IE. Sometimes it shows perfectly, unfortunately sometimes not.


Dante, I am having the same problems with IE. The background of the main posting field and sidebar all turn into the dark gray color.

How do I fix?


Great Template. Congratulations!

Emigrante Latino

dante how do i add the pages? where home, about and contact are? I go to the design module but cant do anything, please help

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