Tagland - Free Premium Blogger Template

TagLand is a well designed Blogger template, It is also very organized and it's fast loading as well. Amazing for showing media content such as videos and pictures. The dark colors gives TagLand a serious looking which can be used to corporate blogging as well.

  • Well Designed Graphics
  • Red, Dark Gray
  • Cool Search Widget
  • Easy to customize
  • Left Sidebar
  • Fast Loading

How to fix the search bar problem

Go to your Dashboard > Page Elements, CLick to edit the search widget, and paste this code inside:

<p align="center"><form id="searchthis" action="/search" style="display:inline;" method="get"> <input id="search-box" value="Type Keywords Here" name="q" size="25" type="text"/> <input id="search-btn" value="Search" type="submit"/> </form></p>

Save it, and you are done.


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very very nice template. thanks dante..


I wonder which is the subject of your blog is done.

I like very much

Dante Araújo

I'm sorry ? I didnt get your question :)
But Thanks anyway!


Awesom work!

Dante Araújo



Simplesmente, o melhor!


Escolhido para ser colocado no novo site Rede Woo http://www.redewoo.blogspot.com


marvelous design thanx


but try to make all your templates on 3 column bcoz 3 column is imp you can't do much in 2 column

Laurita te Brinda Ayuda

I've got a problem with he search toolbar of the template "Tagland". The problem is that the search toolbar doesn't appear. My blog is : http://prueba2015.blogspot.com/
Take a look to it and you'll notice that there's soething wrong with the seach toolbar. Can you please fix it?? Cause it's the best template for the type of blog I wanna create. Thanks :)

Dante Araújo

Problem solved trough email :)

Uncle Flip

I also have no working search. The widget is there, but no bar for text.

Also, when doing hierarchy view on archives, there are little yellow check marks next to the posts- but they don't line up. Is there a way to just make the little b*st*rds disappear?

Thanks very much- I *love* the template!

Uncle Flip

LOVE this template!

However, I seem to have the same problem with the search box. I've had to use the Blogger widget editor to stick some text in there, but it won't allow any searching.

Alos, I've added an HTML box widget so I can do a bio differently than Blogger wants me to, but I can't seem to find a way to egt that box to have the same layout as the ones provided in your widget. (I can't seem to get padding on the left in the body area.) Any suggestions on pulling in your CSS to that widget for the padding? (It works in the Blog Archive and the Labels sections.)

Thanks a bunch! Very cool template! I'll be pulling over some of your images to my server for some customization of its look!

Dante Araújo

Please check out the post again, just posted how to fix it.

Uncle Flip

Yay! Thanks for the search fix.


nice theme , but texts are shown in black colour , how do i change that colour (eg:recent posts),pls resolve this

Dante Araújo

I need the URL of your problem in order to help you.

Ms. SpicyTee

Hi Dan..
I ended up using this template.
But the contact and about me doesn't work.
Is it the template or my end?
Check my blog..


Very cool template. Awesome job!

Alberto S.

How can i put the date in this template?


hey how do you edit the contact part cheers

Emilio Passos

Obrigado Dante Araujo

Baixei este lindo template. Teria como adaptar o mesmo para 3 colunas?
Show de Bola seu trabalho. Muito Bonito e nos ajuda em muito.
Valeu Amigo !!!


In archive how to make it come only with months(as in demo) with the year?

My site: www.blogroll.cz.cc


Hi Dante, the Blog Archive widget automatically opens the year, month and and post/s, can it be changed so when the page is loaded only the year (eg. 2009) with the arrow to open the menu is opened? (on http://versusness.blogspot.com/ )

Equipo Entre Idiotas

I'll eliminate the search box gadget, because it still doesn't work, I've already added that code you said above :S


ijin download gan...


Hi, the image Are not loaded.....


show de bola esse template, encaixo como uma luva no meu blog.

Jason Gatties

Love the template & everything seems to be working except the slider. Any advice? I've re-installed the script 3 or 4 times now.






Great One. Pal...


Hello Master can i get the images of this template just incase if you photobucket will be out of bandwith.. please sent it to me at pinoywarezdl@gmail.com thank you,,,... this template is really suite to my Medical Ebooks blog.. here..


I Actually Do Some few tweaks on your template like... pagepeel........ readmore hack,,,,...i just also add 3 column....!! it is really nice thank you again...!!


One thing, the only problem in this template are the compatibility... it's nice in Firefox.. but in Google Chrome at Opera the rounded highligth

is not forming rounded.. instead it's loook square?.. can you fix it..


Hi Again mate can you make this in 3 column template..... this is really nice if this will implement in 3 column plus 4 Footer column


Hello Dante, I need your help please.

It is possible to include a list of links just under the title?

Please, tell me how I can do it.

Thank you very much.

my mail of google: directoriosblogger


muy buena, very nice.

Specky Aizat

Nice template. I'm using it now. But follower widget is blank. Can you fix it?



this is nice! i use it too! nashfahrenheit.blogspot.com.
is there any tweaks or customization i can do to this template?


nice template..im using it now..very lightspeed..but im modify ur template..thanks...

do visit me and comment about ur template im my blog..



how get template

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