Make a Navigation Bar with Automatic Highlighted Current Links

Today we’re going to learn how to make a navigation bar for your blog using a very simple way to highlight current links automatically. This method is very easy and it uses only conditional tags from Blogger, so there is no need for JavaScript.

Visit to get this great tutorial!


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Cheth Studios

dude thanks for such a cheap comment from a person like you! i replied to it... btw you don't have the right to say i stole the wp code... because i know the truth that your blogger tuts template css is stolen from that wp blog... such a #FAIL and btw this navigation tutorial i have seen this tutorial on some other website many months ago... #fail #copy

Dante Araújo

I dont know why you got so offensive... Omg man, learn to be professional, learn to deal with criticism.

Really? Can you show me it ? I would sincerely like to see it, I was looking for something like this for a long time...


i didn't understand can you explain to me again??

showbiz renegade

Wow! Thanks for this tutorial, now i can put some navigation buttons on top of my blogger blog.

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