Lemonade - Free Blogger Template

This is Lemonade. A very "citric" blogger template haha. I made it for fun, also because some people like colorful-fun-looking templates. So I hope you guys enjoy it.

  • 3 column
  • Custom navigation with rolover effect
  • Well designed graphics
  • Custom comments block
  • Easy-to-edit Navigation bar
  • Green, Very green
  • Fresh like a lemonade!


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Daniel Brooks de Sousa



thank you

Dante Araújo

Youre welcome!

Affan Ruslan

nice colour and tone. catchy.
But i would prefer two columns if I want to build another blogspot blog.

*i've seen some designers give more choice to the users by giving them more options like
- more than one colour to choose from
- can choose either 2 or 3 colums

*Editing CSS might be easy from designer like you but sometimes people just dont know how to do it.

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