Blogger Templates Cheat Sheet - #1 Wrappers

This is the first time ever I make a visual cheat sheet, It was a little difficult for me, but I think it came out kind of good. I tried to put as much as details as I could. As Blogger templates have a lot of terms to go trough, I decided to make “Chapters” of it, and release them one by one, so you guys don’t have to wait a lot for the full one.

Check out the full article on Bloggertuts


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Thanks for these instructions. More bloggers should read this instead of just relying of template designers to do all the work.

By the way, i've been wondering if the 'cross-coll' wrapper - now i know what it means :) - can be shortened and serve as a column on the right without pushing down the post section. For instance, i often wondered how i can add one wider column above my two side columns that is the same width as the two sidebar columns put together.

Anyway, I look forward to your next tutorial.


Cheth Studios

you're such a noob. This is no cheet sheet. This is a "Dante is a Cheet" because you stole it from PSD Tuts.

Dante Araújo

First of all: Learn how to spell english words.

Second: Really? Can you prove that? Don't you have anything better to do Mr. Computer Engineer?

Khmer Spy

Thanks a lot for this. Through it I understand the wrappers better!

Anyway, I tried 100% for the main-wrapper, but it won't resize to fit the screen though the sidebar-wrapper is hidden with the show-only-on-single-post code.

Help me if you can, plz.


Thank for your tutorial


thanks a lot, for this tutorial about Blogger Templates Cheat Sheet - #1 Wrappers
and all your wonderful templates. i tryed them all in my blog and when i see a new one i think to change to it.
really thanks so much

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thanks for sharing


hi dante, whats new with you? we miss your articles, its been a long time.

dante plz can you create a template like tumblr one, ???

take a look, its so cool


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Nice Article..


The link no longer works? I am getting:

Page not found
Sorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Blogger Tuts does not exist.


thanks to the information,
because it is very helpful especially in making and messing work on bloggers who I have today


thanks to the information,
because it is very helpful especially in making and messing work on bloggers who I have today


Tnx great post (:


very nice

Affan Ruslan

THe link is broken.
Please fix it.

I'm still thinking to develop my own template if I have time. Still collecting materials from few blogs. Hope this will help

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beautiful template very nice


Found the link bro:

::cheers:: Sü

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